About Me

Hey there! I am Aarti, a professional artist who specializes in Oil, Pencil, Acrylic and Pen & Ink painting. Art has always been my passion since childhood because, I was surrounded by artistic minds in the family. I have always been fascinated by creatives and performers and can’t imagine a world without painting, music, dance, poems, theatre. Although I am an Interior Designer, my love for fine arts compelled me to pursue a career as a painter. I recently started having more fun working with Pen & Ink and Pencil. It makes me feel calm and meditative and allows me to be more creative. Before I start my artwork, I like to set a fresh ambiance around me that awakens my creativity. Many a times I look outside my window and listen to soothing music while doing my work. I strongly believe that it’s important to have a spiritual practice to align with creativity. Being a travel lover, I capture pictures from places and try to reflect them in my drawings. I am a Certified Art Instructor and conduct classes and workshops for children and adults for over 9 years now.
My paintings and drawings were recently on view at librarians and have been included in
exhibitions at Art Centers and Community Centers. I also achieved an “Honorable Mention
Award” in April 2017 for one of my paintings. My artwork can be viewed at

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